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What is a rubber mallet used for? What kind of mechanic work should be included

January 22, 2024

It can be said to be a mechanic’s tool that has quite extensive use. and various professional fields, it can be said for the rubber hammer (Rubber hammer) Which is a type of hammer that has a rubber head. Made from a soft surface suitable for work that requires a gentle impact or work that does not want to damage the surface, such as assembling furniture, making jewelry . or create art , etc.

Type of rubber hammer

There are many different types of rubber hammers , each with different designs and uses. For the types of rubber hammers Many people are probably familiar with these:

1. Standard rubber hammer

Let’s start with the standard rubber mallet that we’re all familiar with. The handle has materials to choose from as needed, whether it’s a rubber mallet with a wooden handle, a plastic handle, or a rubber mallet with a metal handle. Has a hammer head made from good quality rubber. Doesn’t scratch the material. or damage Simple design Popularly used for general work such as hammering wood, removing nails, and assembling furniture, etc. It is a basic tool suitable for both general and professional technicians.

2. Double-sided rubber hammer

It is a rubber mallet with a double-sided hammer head. One side is rubber and the other side is metal. Popularly used for jobs that require variety. Suitable for window installation Furniture production and fixing dents on car panels

3. Rebound-free rubber hammer

It is a rubber hammer with a special design to reduce the recoil force. Helps reduce user injuries. Popularly used for work that requires precision such as wood work, metal work, etc.


What is a rubber mallet used for?

With the characteristics and properties of a rubber hammer that is different from the general hammer that many people are familiar with. The rubber hammer has flexible and durable properties, so it is commonly used for jobs that require extra caution, such as

  • Driving rivets or nails without damaging the workpiece
  • Shaping the workpiece, such as pounding wood to make it curved or curved.
  • Assembling furniture more tightly without causing scratches on the parts or damage

How to maintain the rubber hammer

As for how to care for a rubber hammer so that it can be used effectively, it is best to avoid use that requires a lot of impact because the hammer head is made from rubber. resulting in relatively low strength After use, clean the rubber head with a clean cloth or mild soap to prevent dirt from accumulating and causing the rubber hammer head to deteriorate faster. It’s also a good idea to keep rubber hammers in a dry, safe place. And avoid storing rubber hammers in damp places or where there are corrosive chemicals. Because it may cause the rubber hammer to deteriorate faster.

It can be said that a rubber hammer is a useful tool in various jobs that have many different uses depending on the needs of the user. In addition to selecting and maintaining them correctly, Choosing a quality rubber hammer also increases work efficiency very well. And here is a good quality rubber hammer that we would like to introduce to you.

Introducing the rubber hammer from WORKPRO 


Multi-purpose double-sided rubber hammer WP241036

Multi-purpose double-sided rubber hammer or FIBERGLASS DOUBLE FACE HAMMER model WP241036 from WORKPRO . The hammer head is made from high quality PVC rubber material on both sides. Can be removed and replaced The hammer head and handle are firmly attached together. The handle is made of fiberglass, strong and durable, comfortable to hold.

ค้อนยางด้ามไม้ สีขาวและดำ

Rubber hammer with wooden handle, 450 grams ( 16 ounces), 2 colors, WP241038 / WP241039 

Rubber mallet with wooden handle, size 16 ounces (RUBBER MALLET WITH WOOD HANDLE) or WorkPro’s standard rubber mallet. This model is available in 2 colors: white and black. Both hammer heads are made from quality rubber. Strong structure Suitable for pounding and hammering work that requires impact but doesn’t want to damage the surface. The handle is made of strong wood. Designed to be comfortable to hold, comfortable in the hand, no impact and no sparks.

ค้อนยางด้ามพลาสติก สีดำและขาว

Multipurpose rubber hammer 450 grams 450 grams ( 16 ounces) 2 colors WP241040 / WP241041 

WORKPRO rubber hammer , plastic handle, size 16 ounces (RUBBER MALLET WITH PLASTIC HOLLOW HANDLE). There are 2 colors of hammer heads to choose from : black and white, made from good quality rubber. PP (Polypropylene) plastic handle, resistant to corrosion, lightweight, comfortable to hold, prevents fungus. deformation and rupture


A rubber hammer can be considered a very versatile tool. Whether it’s construction work Home repair work Car repair work Knock out various dents, including artwork and Installation of doors, windows, etc. for technicians or any customers looking for a rubber hammer. or quality tools At an affordable price, WORKPRO is the answer.