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SangchaiGroup Hosts WORKPRO CONFERENCE Showcasing Innovations and Opening Nationwide Dealer Applications

December 18, 2023

On November 23, 2566, the WORKPRO CONFERENCE By SangchaiGroup showcased innovations and opened its doors to dealers nationwide. The event invited representatives from all regions to experience the Workpro tools suitable for both general users and professional craftsmen, ensuring that Workpro tools adequately meet real user needs.

Mr. Sitthipat Anavajinas, Director of Strategy and Organizational Development, stated that SangchaiGroup is the sole importer and distributor of WORKPRO in Thailand. Apart from their existing business, they have expanded into the tool market, envisioning potential in both POWER TOOLS and HAND TOOLS segments.

Simultaneously, the tool market is significantly expanding due to investments from both the public and private sectors, including foreign interest in manufacturing within Thailand. This surge has heightened the demand for professional tools.

The event exhibited a team demonstrating the practical use of Workpro tools, such as:

– A chisel capable of reducing force by up to 35% compared to regular ones, made from quality materials and equipped with a firm grip for more precise work.

– DOUBLE DRIVE wrenches, operating 2-3 times faster than standard ones, saving both energy and time during work.

– A versatile sliding wrench that can replace all models of wrenches.

Additionally, WORKPRO offers a diverse range of tools and equipment, accommodating users from various fields, including general tools, gardening tools, measurement devices, tool storage solutions, safety equipment, and construction tools.

The key emphasis lies in creating comprehensive marketing strategies, allowing customers widespread access to Workpro tools. This includes building partnerships with distributors nationwide while fostering brand confidence through product innovation, user value, and pre-and post-sales services.

The WORKPRO tool series is now accepting dealer applications nationwide! Contact us today!

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